Web statistics services in Runet keep competing for their clients. Rambler Top 100 research shows that the most popular services providing websites in Runet with statistics data are LiveInternet (62.3%). YandexMetrika and Yaca (48.7%) and Google Analytics (46.7%).

More than half (51%) of the biggest Russian advertisers are said to prefer Google Analytics as their main monitoring tool. Yandex Metrika lags behind but its popularity is expected to rise this year.

Specialists continue to argue which of the two services works better. Maxim Kolesov, marketing director of Russian Promo speaks on the differences of Yandex Metrika and Google Analytics. He says that apart from standard features Google’s statistics tool is able to reflect the fullest the activities of a website’s visitor. Coogle Analytics provides general analyses as well as records customized upon a certain parameter (geography, time spent on the site, etc). The service offers a system of “goals” that a user can set as their target for example a page that accomplishes the process of purchase on the user’s website can be set as a “goal” for statistics data collection. This allows to track users’ behavior on site and determine which of the pages are less successful or what there is to be done in an advertising campaign. Google Analytics interface is very friendly for its reports are well displayed and easily reachable. Besides GA is able to collect and compare data for contextual advertisement effectiveness in various systems (GA, Yandex.Direct or Begun)

As for Yandex Metrika it has many features similar to GA but demonstrates a number of advantages  that will soon win it the first place among Runet statistics services. One of the advantageous features of Yandex Metrika is its reports for the demographic structure of  website visitors. This report can establish age and sex of the site visitors and thus help improve promotion campaign steps. Also Yandex Metrika allows to create a visual map of visitors’ moves from page to page.

Another feature of Yandex Metrika is notifications via txt messaging about your website unavailability for visitors or other technical problems that a website owners receive on their mobile phones.

WebVisor LogoIn December 2010 Yandex Metrika launched new addons – Informer and Link Click Transparent map. But the main event of the year was the purchase of WebVisor company by Yandex. WebVisor develops a technology that allows to analyse a website visitors’ activities and behaviour. The service offers statistics records based upon such parameters as cursor movements, text copying, frequency of visits by certain users, etc. If Yandex implements WebVisor technology in its Metrika tools it is sure to win over its competitors in Runet.

original: Ashmanov and partners’ www.ashmanov.com
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