Search engine optimisation and marketing (SEO/SEM/SMM)

SEO/SEM/SMMWe use most advanced and effective SEO techniques to promote your business or organisation online globally or in the Russian national domain  (.ru). This is achieved by offering you a comprehensive service package embracing full audit of  an existing site along with consultation and following optimization,  as well as planning a SEO campaign for a ready or half-through Russian localization of your website. We only practice white hat SEO techniques, as outlined by Google’s or Yandex guidelines.

  • You have a website in Russian but nobody knows it and you get too little traffic?
  • You are going to launch an online business or promote your offline business in Russia?
  • Your site needs higher ranking figures in Google or national search systems?
  • You want your business to attract more clients via Russian social media?
  • Your website needs audit and recommendations for better visibility in search engines?

SEOgrad’s SEO/SEM/SMM services for your website may include:

  • website audit and SEO-solutions consultancy
  • keyword research and actual  on-page and off-page optimization
  • site usability, structure and further development advisory
  • regular SEO/SEM monitoring to keep your website visible
  • Social media marketing services

Website audit and consultation

Our approach focuses on understanding the client’s specific business needs. Before planning a SEO campaign it is essential to elicit the goals, target market and customers. We work together with you to answer the questions how your website can bring more clients, what shall be done to improve its search visibility, which measures are there to be taken and how much it all will cost. We draw a SEO campaign draft that has the full analysis of the existing website visibility and ranking problems, offers recommendations for improvements and keyword research results.

Semantic analysis and Keyword research

First we make a research on the popularity of your product or service over the Russian internet, examine the sites of your possible competitors and work out recommendation for the semantic image of the website. Then our SEO experts work out the keywords and phrases in Russian (or other language) that most closely relate to your product or service. Keywords are the terms that users are most likely to enter into the search field. We use specific Russian online tools to reveal keyword popularity ratings in the target national search engine (Yandex).

Website technical structure optimization

Before SEO campaign in started we need to analyze how your site is constructed and what file structure it has? Shall it be changed? How well thought out is the navigation and internal linking structure? How user friendly is your website interface and what can be improved as to its usability? Users and search engine spiders go by your architecture to learn what your site is about. The more pages they can reach, the bigger weight the website has for being then more highly ranked. Before planning a new site it is more reasonable to start with SEO – it is only cost saving to optimize in advance!

Regular SEO

Keyword research is a regular procedure because search engines regularly change their algorithms to improve their operation so rankings are subject to frequent changes. We’ll keep track of all these changes to ensure the initial success of the good traffic results. Our coders will implant counters into the pages of your website and you will always have access to analytics (Google Analytics, Yandex Metrika) if you want to be in touch with your SEO campaign. Competitors analysis is part of the proper SEO strategy, so we will analyse and determine which reasons contribute to your competitors better ranks for your chosen keyword set.

SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriter position keywords in the correct density within the body text, headers, titles, meta tags and other page elements. They write in a way that accurately reflects you brand or business concepts within the structure your SEO campaign demands.
SEO campaign includes on-page and off-page optimization procedures.

Marketing in Russian and global social media

We offer marketing services in the most popular Russian and global social media – Facebook, Twitter,, Yandex blogs, LJ,, Moi Mir (, Moi Krug (Yandex) and other as well as local resources and media if your business needs geotargeting.
We create and promote your company’s public profiles and accounts, groups of interest, fan-clubs, we monitor your advertising campaigns, news, moderate comments, communicate with your clients and what not – striving to create a desirable image for your business and attract clients via social networks and media.

Contact us from our website, via email or by phone: +7(917)8422103