Search engine marketing

Off-page optimisation and search engine marketing

Off-page optimisation which is actually part of search engine marketing (SEM) include:

  • regular monitoring of indexing process via special online tools (Yandex Webmaster): we provide recommendations on content management and check the site’s indexability;
  • registration in SEM online services for regular analytical reports (Yandex Metrika, Google Analytics) to use as a basis for further website development, content management and website promotion policies;
  • registration in national webserivices and yellow pages, online maps (Google Maps, Yandex Maps, Yandex yellow pages, Yandex Organisations)  to improve search visibility;
  • registration in trustworthy and highly ranked topical catalogues for free linkbuilding (see our SEO Shortlist strategies)
  • website promotion in social media and networks (SMO) – Facebook,,,, etc.), we create social accounts for your site, provide linkbuilding by reposts, attract users with renewable content to build the trust of the website;
  • bookmark services promotion (,,,ru, etc.) for free linkbuilding
  • paid linkbuilding including target market analysis, calculated link placing and constant link maintenance
  • website promotion with forums, discussion boards and articles
  • paid link placement, contextual advertising, or paid inclusion if necessary with national or global services (Direct.Yandex, Begun,  etc)