The latest statistics data was presented at i-Comference 2011, a two-days conference on Internet media and SMM (10-11 Feburary). Ashmanov’s mailing list cited  the most interesting odd facts and figures:

  1. 87% of Russians learn the news from TV, 17% from the internet, 13% Runet users from mobile devices. Compare the USA where TV is No1 for 71%  with 42% relying on the Internet media.
  2. Russian Twitter users have grown 3 times and the number of twits per day from Russians has doubled in a year.
  3. There are 36 800 000 blogs in Runet including 1900 000 livejournals; more than 1000 subscribers there have 4600 blogs.
  4. LJ has 4 500 000 users writing in Cyrillic, 220 000 000 posts toto and 200 000 post are added every day (though the quantity of bots, splogs and spam is not mentioned)
  5. The share of video (, VoD, Internet-TV) is going to make 57% of total IP-traffic by 2014 and p2p – 91%. Russian video advertising market is expected to grow up to $130 billion by 2014 with $20 billion in 2010.
  6. Virus video ad launch for Pentax brought 250% increase in camera sales.
  7. The cost of a viral video ad in Russia is usually made up of creative idea ($1000), ad production ($63 000) and seeding (7 c per contact). The threshold of minimum 150 000 target users is usually guaranteed with maximum reachable number of 1 500 000 contacts. Target audience research, monitoring and analytics for the campaign is free.
  8. Quick response to events can contribute to the success of a viral campaign. Moscow smog in summer 2010 was used by HTC to promote HTC Wildfire model launch: it organized a mobile photo contest. 3 hours – that’s how long it took to turn the creative idea into the activity.
  9. SMM productivity is measured not only by sales growth but expense reduction as well. Lenovo cut down 20% on its help call-center thanks to its online community where users could find proper support.
  10. 43% of market researchers haven’t yet explored the effectiveness of their SMM campaigns investments.
  11. Braun used to advertise its products. Their page had 165 000 visits in 3 months. 112 users bought the advertised product.
  12. Average salaries in SMM market: SMM manager gets from $1500, account-manager – from $2300, SMM-department senior executive – from $3700, account group head – $4000.
  13. social network, second popular in Russia, has  60% adult users at the age of 25-44, 15% of 45-54 year olds. The most popular activitiy among the users is browsing friends’ updates and news (65%) and their photos (68%). Commenting, inviting and searching for new friends is less popular with “odnoklassniki” users.