Localisation is the adaptation of a product or service to the cultural, legal, linguistic, and technical requirements of a specific locale. It enables your users to interact with software, website or an online service in their own language allowing to sell more effectively.

Websites Localisation services include:

  • text and media content localization and translation for websites, blogs, articles;
  • multimedia localization for your websites or social media pages (voiceover or subtitling);
  • SEO research and copywriting in the target language (Russian) based on your materials or from scratch

SEOgrad.com professional translation services enable you to deliver products and documentation, websites, marketing materials, presentations and multimedia, training and eLearning content in Russian.  We provide professional human quality translation and copywriting for your website – based on your text content or media, or write a web copy from scratch. Keyword research is a must for localization. We use queries popular with Russian users in Yandex.ru, Mail.ru and Google.ru.

We localise and translate:

  • websites
  • web-interfaces
  • blogs and blog articles
  • landing pages (one-page websites)
  • documentation, help files, manuals

Localization vs Translation

Localisation is not direct translation of your content into the target language. Website is an interface which needs to be correctly presented in another language. For example, technically, buttons and navigation should have names that can fit into your layout, titles and paragraphs need to have reasonable and adequate length, captions and other elements should look neat and professional as in the original. As for the content, we write your texts in the way it will serve the best to your customers.

What sounds good in English can seem rude or funny or not easy to understand in other languages.
You need not translate the words, but your ideas. See the picture?

Good translators do not translate.

 A. Gethin

Our working localization languages are Russian and English.

Russian is one of the most challenging languages for translating your websites or other content. European internet can easily go with machine or even no translation at all (many people speak English). As for Russian – it definetely needs human efforts to localize content you want to present to the Russian users.

You need our localisation and translation services if:

  • You have a website or software product you would like to promote in the Russian or other local market;
  • You want a translation of a website, documentation, presentations or other textual and multimedia content;
  • You are launching a business in Russia on in another Eropean country and need language assistance, info about the cultural pecularities of a local market, or even advertisement advisory in a certain field.

We are the right choice to help you bring your product or brand to the Russian market because as a team we:

  • are the native speakers of the Russian and English languages, Russia and US residents, so we are well informed about the local laws and have natural cultural backgrounds;
  • are professional translators and SEO specs, experienced in marketing products and services in the national search engines able to present any content to its best for the target Russian-speaking audience;
  • offer complex service: together with translation and localisation you will get SEO/SEM, copywriting and content-management as a package.

Our staff also includes professional translators and copywriters, fluent in English, whose native languages are German, French or Spanish.

Contact us from our website, via email info@seograd.com or by phone: +7(917)8422103

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