Localization and Globalization

SEOgrad.com localisation and translation services enable you to deliver products and documentation, websites, software, marketing materials, presentations and multimedia, training and eLearning content in Russian, as well as in German and Spanish languages. Localisation is the adaptation of a product or service to the cultural, legal, linguistic, and technical requirements of a specific locale. It enables your users to interact with software, website or an online service in their own language allowing to sell more effectively.

Localisation services include:

  • content localization and translation for e-learning courses, blogs, articles, multimedia
  • website localisation services, developing multilingual versions, website globalisation (English version),
  • SEO copywriting in the target language (Russian, Spanish, German) and SEO translations,
  • applications and interfaces localisation services, Russian localisation for CMS, LMS or any other software applications, both commercial and open source

We localise and translate:

  • web-sites
  • web-interfaces and applications
  • documentation, help files, manuals

Our working languages are Russian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish, Chinese and Dutch.

You need our localisation and translation services if:

  • You are launching a startup in Russia and need language assistance, info about the cultural pecularities of a local market,  advertisement advisory in a certain field;
  • You have a website or software product you would like to promote in the Russian market;
  • You want a Russian translation of a website, documentation, presentations or other textual and multimedia content;

We are the best choice for you to bring your product or brand to the Russian market because as a team we:

  • are the native speakers of Russian and fluent English-speaking professionals who know the laws, the culture and the customs whichever location in Russia you choose to promote your business to;
  • are experienced in promoting products and services in the national search engines and presenting any content to its best for the target Russian-speaking audience;
  • offer complex service: together with translation and localisation you get SEO/SEM, copywriting and content-management from us.

Our staff includes professional linguists, translators, copywriters and SEO/SEM consultants, whose native language is Russian and English, German or Spanish is their first foreign language. Most of them speak two or three foreign languages and all of them are well-trained specialists in linguistics and translation, as well as in IT, web-development and SEO.

Contact us from our website, via email info@seograd.com or by phone: +7(917)8422103