SEO-optimization is just the first step in a blog promotion.  Optimization plus communication bring in another factor: socialization. The primary purpose of socialization is to attract new visitors, its secondary but still important issue is backlinks building with the pages of popular,, Twitter or Facebook accounts, publishing ads in social services for bloggers and in special blogs digests. The purpose of socialization is to make your blog more open and attract the largest amount of users possible.

There has been an increase of SMM popularity on Russia recently, so if you have a business to promote in the Russian Internet, blogging is a good idea. It makes sense to join Russian social networks, blog services, blog search and digests (Grabr.Ru, News2.Ru, Korica.Info, Sloger.Net. ) adding an appealing  lead or title or a post abstract with a link to the original post at your blog.

Communication for your blog

Now here are the 4 component parts of a successful blogger’s communication.

  • socializing with the people who leave comments
  • commenting on articles in other people’s blogs
  • socializing in issue-related communities and on forums
  • posting replies to other people’s posts in blogs

You should answer the comments to your posts promptly, comprehensively and in a positive manner. Don’t give in to provocations. You had better reply to every single comment, at least with a phrase «thank you for your attention». In many blogging services a commentor’s nickname is the link to his/her blog. Put down these names as you will need them at the next stage.
When commenting somebody else’s posts we want to obtain more traffic as well as more regular readers. Let’s start with the latter. We will need the names of the blogs we have put down before. Visit every commentor’s blog, read his/her latest post and submit good sensible comments. Check out the blog in a couple of days and establish a relationship if you can.

To get more traffic, you need to comment not only the blogs of your friends. You can make use of the following scheme:
1.      Go to the page Google Blog Search or Yandex. blogs Search if it is a blog in Russian
2.      Enter several keywords into the search field
3.      Pick a few blogs from the search results (as many as you can handle)
4.      Read the posts in the blogs, concentrating on the ones related to your topic, then do your best producing a most intelligent comment which would contain a link to your blog. Say you’re just referring to a post where your viewpoint is stated. Act natural. Or, rather, be natural :)
5.      In a few days browse the commented posts and reply in case your comment was approved by moderators and where it is possible start or continue a conversation.

Socializing in communities for your blog promotion

Socializing in communities and in forums or message boards should be based on regular writing sensible posts on your topic and linking to your blog where possible. The same link can be used as a signature in many forums. Leading blogging services and forums assign the  «nofollow» value to the «rel» attribute of your link (<a href>) in the commentary section which means search engines will ignore the ancor link and your blog will not be ranked higher for this link.  Don’t worry, it’s worth your efforts!  Our main objectives are traffic and communication and earning reputation in a community.

Socializing in communities is especially important when you are part of Livejournal or TAs for thematical forums they aren’t usually bound to any particular service and suit everyone (e.g. Searchengines.Ru  is tailored for various SEO-related blogs, BgLife.Ru – for Bulgaria-related blogs and so forth).

Replying to other users’  posts is a two-in-one solution and needs certain mastery. Firstly, you are writing an interesting post on a topical issue. Secondly, this gives you a chance to be spotted. Initially you will have to repeat the steps described above – that is, to find five most popular blogs and one interesting post in each. Then write posts on the same topic, as if arguing with the author of each piece of writing. Publish the posts and comment other people’s  posts, giving a link to your response post. To attain success, you have to make your post really meaty and catch the interest of the rivals as well as that of your readers.

This is our way of  internet marketing for your blogs. Do you have more ideas? Argue, add your comments and promote your blogs right from here :)

By Olli and Vi