Yandex summed up its search innovations of November. One of the most popular and useful services is supposed to be  Web Server Response Check within Yandex Webmaster service. Also the company launched new planned services, for example a new search technology “Spectre” which can elicit several implied targets of  users’ search requests and show the matching results.

Yandex.Images have two more innovations: Demotivators Quick Search and a new technology allowing to find all possible copies of an original image with search results shown on one page.

Yandex.RealEstate service helps find property rental or sales ads in Moscow area.

Web analytics service from Yandex.Webmasters has changed its interface now giving and opportunity for users to work with several counters simultaneously. In addition the service allows webmasters to place visible informers onto their websites to display popularity rank to visitors. Another important innovation concerns the link click preferences of the website users: Yandex.Metrika now shows a transparent link-click map overlaying the website layout. This service helps understand how the visitors use the navigation and links to move from page to page, which links are more clickable and why.

Yandex.Metrika is becoming a perfect expert tool for web analytics in Runet.

Web analytics is now a powerful factor in the fast changing internet environment. It is the User who is the judge of all the efforts and investments put into a web-project, it is website user behavior that proves the best if the specialists have done their job.

Yandex always takes into account this user factor and its services help to make the job of SEO/SEM specialists more transparent to their clients and the clients business more transparent to their website visitors.

translation by Vi
source: Ashmanov and Partners,