We offer simple, user-friendly websites with original or template design.

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Website development services:

  • website design and development in the Russian internet for non-russian businesses along with SEO and SEM
  • services to market websites in Yandex and other russian-speaking search engines as well as developing strategies for any kind of online advertisement
  • website design and content localisation
  • website design and development
  • CMS/LMS installation and templates adjustments

Websites development process involves:

  1. Site planning (keyword research, content planning, architecture, navigation structure)
  2. Website Design development (site layout, graphics, photography, fonts, brand and style)
  3. Content development (copywriting, translation, SEO copywriting, media and images processing)
  4. Template development (html/css coding, CMS template customization)
  5. Web Programming (web-applications, databases, CMS optimization, etc.)
  6. Site assembly and testing (content coding and placement,  )
  7. Search engines optimization (meta tags, keywords placement correction, texts editing)
  8. Site registration in search engines, SEM/SMM promotion and maintenance (monthly).

We develop multilingual versions for your website, localise it and geotarget for a specific region.

Why is it an advantage to order website development with SEOgrad.com?

  • We are proficient in the Russian web-market and Russian search engines, so we will efficiently geo-target your site at your possible customers in Russia or any specified region.
  • We provide complex approach to your site development, technical support and marketing: multi-language content development, user-friendly and transparent website structure, original web-design, SEO copywriting, SEM/SMM services with Russian search engines (Yandex, Rambler).
  • We have  on our staffqualified English speaking web-designers, SEO/SEM professional, coders and web-programmers, as well as trained linguists and translators, which means your business will be presented to its advantage in the Russian-speaking Internet community.
  • The technologies we use in web-development – php/css/mysql/Apache – are more widely used in the Russian Internet than any other, which means you will be able to avoid time and workforce consuming cross-platform adaptation: we will do it for you if necessary.
  • We offer CMS/LMS/PLE installation, adjustment, customization and support (Word Press, Joomla, Moodle, Mahara, modx, Bitrix, etc.)

Contact us from our website, via email info@seograd.com or by phone: +7(917)8422103