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Multilingual websites, SEO and localisation in the Russian internet – that’s what you need if your business enters Russia. It speaks Russian and Yandex SERP. To win the market you need a Russian speaking website, translated and SEOed for Yandex to rank high, get target visitors and convert them into your loyal customers.

Websites development and design

We offer simple, user-friendly websites with original or template design. To see web sites we design, develop and support visit our web portfolio. Website development services: website design and development in the Russian internet for...

Localization and Globalization localisation and translation services enable you to deliver products and documentation, websites, software, marketing materials, presentations and multimedia, training and eLearning content in Russian, as well as in German and Spanish languages. Localisation is the...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimisation and marketing (SEO/SEM/SMM) We use most advanced and effective SEO techniques to promote your business or organisation online globally or in the Russian national domain  (.ru). This is achieved by offering you a...

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We often do some research and write on what we find interesting or useful for us and our clients. SEO, SEM, SMM, webdev and other yummy stuff...


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Telephone in USA (Philadelphia, PA) : +1(515)7248718
Telephone in Russia: +7(17)8422103


Multilingual websites, SEO and localisation in the Russian internet – that’s what you need if your business enters Russia, one of the biggest markets in the world. This part of the internet mostly speaks the Russian language and its major search engine is Yandex, taking more than 60% of all search. To be successful here you need a Russian speaking website, properly written or translated and SEO optimized for Yandex to rank high in search results, bring target visitors and convert them into customers of your product or service.

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SEOgrad websites development and management

SEOgrad offers you localised or internationalised Websites with attractive design and content allowing your online office or business to acquire stable search visibility and popularity with visitors.  If you want your website to climb to the top and your business boost after your traffic and conversion increase, we can help you with:

What’s the main idea of SEOgrad’s multi-language website and copy development?

The Proper  Content is a must for a website to survive, maintain its status with search engines, and prosper. Our idea of  The Proper Content is it’s being well-organised, reader-friendly, meeting the requirements of  major search engines and, more importantly, turning a website visitor into a customer.

What is SEOgrad and how it’s different? is a team of Russian professionals who will provide you with quality multilingual services and creative solutions in web-development.

  • We are Russian native speakers with professional mastery of international English and professional level proficiency in several other European languages.
  • Established as a company in 2010 but working as freelance web-specialists since 1999 we are experienced in SEM/SMM, SEO/SMO, website structure and architecture, content development and localisation.
  • We know all ins and outs of  Russian search and Russian social media, so your business is sure to be well adapted and adjusted to meet the requirements of the Russian Internet, mostly led by Yandex and national social networks.
  • We are inventive and can offer original solutions for your business on the Web.

We are located in Russia and USA but work worldwide.
Telephone in Philadelphia (PA):  +1(515)7248718
Telephone in Russia: +7(917)8422103

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