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SEO checklist: it works for Yandex

Search engine optimization is a complex activity and what it needs first is a to-do list to keep at hand. We tried to make one: this article may serve a checklist when doing SEO jobs for your website. We base on our experience in SEO for Yandex and Google, with Yandex prior as we mostly […]

Russian Internet Forum+Conference «Internet and Business» 2011 sum up the figures

The conference called «RIF+CIB 2011», or, to give it its full name, «Russian Internet Forum+Conference «Internet and Business» 2011» took place 20-22 April. This 3-day conference is considered to be the key event in the Russian segment of the Internet. For today, the growth and development dynamics of the Russian Internet, or Runet, is the […]

Personalization and socialization of web search

Personalization and socialization of web search are the two main tendencies in its development already predicted a few years ago.  But it is only in 2011 that they finally become noticeable. Both Google and Mail.ru have beautified their search results with social functions and even conservative Yandex has divulged its plans to introduce something similar, […]

Google at SMX West: a crappy page can ruin the whole site

At SMX West, the largest marketing event held in San José this week, they discussed Google’s recent sanctions against content farms. From the speech of Google represenatatives one could extract the following valuable information: having poor quality web pages at the site can tell badly on ranking of the whole site, including your upscale pages; […]

Yandex introduces a new geo positioning service

Russian search engine Yandex has launched a beta for their new geo positioning service “Yandex.Locator” (API). Of course, Yandex is not a pioneer in this field, but considering the huge number of its users throughout Russia, a service of this kind has been long awaited. The first navigation service was Wi2Geo, now it is known […]

Russian Internet SMM statistics 2010-11

The latest statistics data was presented at i-Comference 2011, a two-days conference on Internet media and SMM (10-11 Feburary). Ashmanov’s mailing list cited  the most interesting odd facts and figures: 87% of Russians learn the news from TV, 17% from the internet, 13% Runet users from mobile devices. Compare the USA where TV is No1 […]

SMM Popularity drivers in Russia

SMM (Social Media Marketing) has been long gaining respect but only by the end of 2010  and the beginning of 2011 its mass popularity has become obvious: the number of vacancies for positions of SMM-managers is speaking for itself and another important clue is that such conservative “dinosaurs” as Sberbank are now entering the social […]

WebVisor will help Yandex Metrika win over Google Analytics in Runet?

Web statistics services in Runet keep competing for their clients. Rambler Top 100 research shows that the most popular services providing websites in Runet with statistics data are LiveInternet (62.3%). YandexMetrika and Yaca (48.7%) and Google Analytics (46.7%). More than half (51%) of the biggest Russian advertisers are said to prefer Google Analytics as their […]

Yandex innovations in 2010

Yandex summed up its search innovations of November. One of the most popular and useful services is supposed to be  Web Server Response Check within Yandex Webmaster service. Also the company launched new planned services, for example a new search technology “Spectre” which can elicit several implied targets of  users’ search requests and show the […]