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Only white, only organic


Семантический поиск, веб-строительство и Google: 5 шагов в будущее

Семантический поиск – сильнейший прорыв этого тысячелетия, требующий верной классификации и категоризации данных и позволяющий рассматривать мир окружающих вещей более детально и ясно.

5 Myths about website localisation

Myth 1: Localisation = Translation Many would think localisation of a website is nothing but translation of the texts, interface elements and some other visual bits. At maximum you might decide you need a translator and a coder to upload new content and there it goes. The thing is, everything is getting more and more […]

Yandex turns SEO business upside down

A new Yandex algorithm is going to exclude backlinks from ranking  in 2014. The news has already made many SEO specialists puzzled and is to bring essential changes into Russian SEO market in the near future.

Website copy quality: style, readibility and illustrations

Website copy quality is grounded in several factors among which are copy completeness and ability to meet a reader’s expectations – we have already offered in the previous post.  The other three that we’d like to talk about are style consistency, copy readibility and illustraions quality.

Website copy quality: meeting readers’ expectations and informativeness

Good content works wonders: everyone has to agree that conversion is nowadays the key factor for a website success. And this success is grounded in a quality website copy.

How to geotarget your website for Yandex local SERPs

Russia is a huge country and your website will need a certain geotargeting if you want to be visible in a certain local SERP. Yandex algorythm Arzamas has allowed to define the region of a website or a user. Now search quieries are divided into location dependent and location independent ones. Most location dependent quieries […]

Paid links: bad practice is still in practice, so get our tips

It’s a known fact that buying paid links in link markets, though condemned by search engines, still retains its position as number one optimization tool in Runet and in other internets all over the world. Playing paid links games is still often considered a genuine SEO practice (What else do they get their money for?). […]

How to promote a blog 2: socialization and communication

SEO-optimization is just the first step in a blog promotion.  Optimization plus communication bring in another factor: socialization. The primary purpose of socialization is to attract new visitors, its secondary but still important issue is backlinks building with the pages of popular Vkontakte.ru, Odnoklassniki.ru, Twitter or Facebook accounts, publishing ads in social services for bloggers […]

How to promote your blog: optimization for search engines

There are several to-do’s if your blog needs traffic from Yandex or other SERPs. Regardless the reason for promotion of your blog (earn money, become famous, rule the world, etc.) and the mastery level of your writing skill, if you want popularity with the Russian and global search engines you have to meet their requirements. […]

SEO shortlist: what services we offer for your website’s white-hat optimization?

Here is a shortlist of our SEO services – it’s an add-on to the article on our major checklist for SEO activities. So, when we start to work on your website’s visibility in Russian search engines we offer you the following : On-page optimization Keyword Research (primary & secondary) and keyword adaptation (from English into Russian) Top […]